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about crimsonlonging

name's presh. I'm 16. I'm a girl. I love boys.

Welcome to my graphics journal. I've always liked making graphics, I also like getting feedback on them. I participate in many LIMS and icontests. Comments are always really nice. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to either e-mail me at black_beauty753@hotmail.com. I spend too much time on livejournal.
resources ftw.

datyliotheca ewanism colorfilter daisukicons 9thaquilo scrapbookart sir millepetit xonlyashesx darkicedphoenix girlboheme mkstarr_icons heygingersnap hillsoffire asya_17 ownthesunshine irenic_icons ohfreckle soulspring fuzzy papayacrazy carbon_paper seriouslywir cabrioles pinknives tove_91 dearest lazypenguine eveningwalk vol4itca skybound2 mangoninja navi_glow chichachellers babliz soaked silverqe onlydreamers haudvafra p_i_x_a_r dunndunn dusty_memories madika555 lifeisdolce threeyespei

Last Updated May 8, 2008 By the way, this awesome profile layout was made by pumpkinsoup

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